The Spiritually Vibrant Home

4-week growth group study

oct. 22-Nov. 12

We all long for homes where we can thrive and flourish. What does it take to have a spiritually vibrant household? Contemplate what the Bible says about households and consider what a new Barna research project has revealed by pulling back the curtains on everyday households of faith. In the end you might just be surprised by how God wants to work in and through your household. And you’ll have practical steps for nurturing a vibrant household of faith, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Making our households more hospitable toward outsiders is a challenge. In LHM's Households of Faith video study, viewers learn that by applying spiritual disciplines, extending hospitality, and engaging in spiritual conversations they can transform their households into more open and engaging places. 

With Scriptures verses, family testimonies, and research to reinforce these key objectives, these resources can help make any household a place where God's love is shared, and people are encouraged to learn more about Jesus.


    Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Barna Group have partnered to research Households of Faith in AmericaThis research produced powerful insights about the nature of Christian households in society today and the important role households play in Christian faith formation.  

    This study will instruct, encourage, and inspire participants to grow the vibrancy of their household and make a practical plan to implement their vibrant next step.


    Based on the research, Barna revealed a picture of the “Spiritually Vibrant Household,” a household characterized by its commitment to the following three Vibrancy practices:

    1. Applying Spiritual Disciplines
    2. Engaging in Spiritual Conversations

    3. Extending Hospitality

    Week 1 - Video


    Helping our households relate to God.

    1. Arrange the kindling
    2. Add another log
    3. Stroke the coals

  • Helping our households have spiritual conversations.

    1. Start with light fare
    2. Provide a steady diet
    3. Offer a rich dessert


    Helping our households extend hospitality.

    1. Crack the door
    2. Open a little wider
    3. Blow the doors off


additional free RESOURCES - provided by lutheran Hour Ministries

  • Helping Your Child Have a Relationship with God Download PDF 
    There is hope for anyone who wants to nurture their child’s faith by helping them have a relationship with God. By pausing to call out to God, remembering He is at work, and pondering God’s character, parents can shift their focus to be more God-reliant. This booklet explores how parents and grandparents can partner with God using two practical rhythms (planning special moments and responding to everyday moments) that will help their child or grandchild learn how to pray to God and understand His Word. Over time, this God-reliant focus establishes a pattern of responding to life’s everyday moments that children see as an effective approach for their own lives.  

  • Helping Your Child Grow Through Faith Conversations Download PDF
    This booklet, written by Mary Oldfield, is great for parents wanting to raise friendly and welcoming children. As God invites each of us into His family, we too can encourage this trait with youngsters. Supporting Scripture verses, ample personal experiences, and nearly 20 years of work as a children’s ministry director give the author an inside track on what works with kids. This booklet is a valuable resources for parents, grandparents, and church workers alike.  

  • Helping Your Child Welcome Others Download PDF
    There is hope for anyone who wants to nurture their child’s faith by helping them grow through faith conversations. Parents can look to Jesus and follow His example in having conversations with their children in their everyday lives. In an uncomplicated approach, this booklet explores how parents can use five of Jesus’ methods and cover five of Jesus’ kingdom topics in conversations with their child. It also answers the practical question of when and where to have these conversations.  

resources available for purchase

  • Vibrant Conversation Deck

    Not only can these cards be used to play your favorite card games, but The Vibrant Conversations Deck contains 52 great questions in four categories: applying spiritual disciplines, extending hospitality, engaging in spiritual conversations, and food and fun. Based on Barna research, you can use these cards to spark spiritual conversations around your own table, in the car, or wherever your household is gathered together.

    Purchase at

  • Spiritually Vibrant Home - Hardcover Book

    What do spiritually vibrant households look like? And can households armed with that knowledge strive to become more spiritually vibrant? In his book titled The Spiritually Vibrant Home, author Don Everts uses research to answer those questions.

    Purchase at or kindle & audio version available on

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  • 8:45 AM - Mom's Group - Trinity Academy Youth Room - Hosted by: Allie Trieb

    5:45 PM - Grandparents Group - In Home Study - Hosted by: Steve & Tammy Valine

    6:15 PM - In Home Study - Hosted by: Scott & Kristin Miller (looking for co-host, conflict on first week)


  • 6:30 PM - In Home - Hosted by: Dave & Laurie Neeck, Lead by: Jim Miller

    7:00 PM - in Home - Hosted by: Tom & Lauren Foust


  • 6:00 PM - Trinity West during youth group - Hosted by: Joy Schreiber

    6:30 PM - In Home - Hosted by: Jim & Sally Bender


  • 1:00 PM - Trinity West - Hosted by: Kristi Drew

    6:00 PM - In Home - Hosted by: John & Leslie Stelling