“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. 

Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.” 

Matthew 9:37-38


There are many hands and hearts that go into a children’s ministry throughout the year. Consider being a part of that ministry and receive the great reward of seeing children responding to God’s love - Serve with our Xtreme Kids Shepherding Team. 


How long are the serving terms?
Commitment is once-a-month during the school year, which works out to be about 9-10 times total.  

What happens if I must miss a Sunday or two during my volunteer term?
No worries.  We are all trying our best to balance all our family activities.  The beauty of having four shepherds per class is that fining shepherd willing to switch weeks is usually an easy fix.  Should a switch in the scheduled weeks not work, we can also reach out to our substitute roster.

Is there a lot of prep work that I must do before teaching each Sunday?
Nope.  Our program curriculum is electronically saved and accessible when you want it.  Everything you need, including the prayers, discussion questions, and activities are provided for you.  Review your lesson electronically and know that all the copies, printouts, and supplies will be ready for you on Sunday morning.  

I want to serve, but I know nothing about teaching. 
Don’t worry!  You don't have to have a teaching license to lead a Sunday school class.  Instead, all you need is a love for the Lord and for His children.  If you have this, you are good to go.  Still a bit nervous because you don't know the Bible front to back?  Again, don't worry!  Our easy-to-use curriculum tells you what to read in your Bible to familiarize yourself with the Bible story.  It also provides discussion questions and answers for each lesson. 

Do I have to attend weekly or monthly meetings to be a Sunday school teacher?
No, there are no regular meetings to attend to be an Xtreme Kids Shepherd.  At the beginning of the year, we hold one in-service meeting, to help prepare you and familiarize yourself with the curriculum.  Jumping in during the year?  Not a problem; our Children's Ministry Director will get you up to speed and prepared to join in the fun. 

I would like to serve, but what do I do with my infant/toddler?
If you would like to serve but feel you can't because you have an infant or toddler, consider using our nursery, which is available every Sunday.

I would like to be a substitute shepherd.
If you would like to serve but can't commit to a full term, please consider being added to our list of substitute shepherds.  Substitute shepherds are called upon to teach in the absence of the regularly assigned shepherd.  As a substitute, you will be given as much notice as possible, sometimes that is a month in advance, sometimes a week, occasionally a need arises the “night before.”  Your flexibly is key to jumping in and saving the day!


I have a question that wasn't answered here. Where do I go for help?
Please email Allie Trieb our Children's Ministry Director

Yes!  I want to serve in Xtreme Kids.  Click Here to see current available positions.

Thank You for being an important part in growing our children’s roots in faith!