In hopes to better serve you, and support you as faith leaders at home; below are the Xtreme Kids lessons we had planned on teaching throughout the month of April and into May.  The lesson materials are provided via a link to a shared Google Drive in which you can view online, download, and/or print at home. 

  • Mother's Day Ideas

    Mother's Day Printable Artwork


    Mother's Day Flowers Coloring Page


    Helping Hand Mother's Day Printable


    Mother's Day Questionnaire

    Mother's Day Questionnaire

    Mother's Day Bingo Game

    Mother's Day Bingo

    Mother's Day Leader Cards

    5 Things I Love About Mom Card

    Reasons I Love Mom Large.pdf

    Reasons I Love Mom Small.pdf

    Mother's Day Coupons

    Mother's Day Coupons.pdf

  • Preschool  (4WK Seires)

    Tagline: God Teaches Us to Share

    Idea: Jesus taught us to be kind to others. When we share, we are being like Jesus

    and being kind to others. We are obeying God when we share and showing others

    that we love them.

    Memory Verse: “God loves a cheerful giver.” - 2 Corinthians 9:7b (NIV)


    Sunday, 4/19

    We Can Share With Our Friends – Preschoolers will learn that they can share their

    stuff with friends just like the widow who shared her food Elijah.  1 Kings 17:7-16, Widow

    Shares Her Food With Elijah

    Sunday, 4/26

    We Can Give to God – Preschoolers will learn that just like the boy with the loaves and

    fishes, they can give what they have to God.  John 6:1-13, Jesus Feeds The Five Thou-


    Sunday, 5/3

    Jesus Shares His Life With Us – Preschoolers will learn that Jesus came to earth to

    share his life with us.  Mark 14:12-26, The Last Supper

    Sunday, 5/10

    We Can Share Jesus With Others – Preschoolers will learn that they can be like

    Peter, sharing the love of Jesus with other people.  Acts 2:14-41, Peter Tells The Crowd

    About Jesus

  • K - 5th Grade  (4-week SERIES)

    Tagline: Bible Lessons Based on LEGO Bricks.

    Idea: We can build all kinds of awesome things with LEGO bricks. If we are willing,

    God will build something awesome in us.

    Memory Verse: “Every house is built by someone. But God is the builder of everything.” Hebrews 3:4 (NIrV)

    Sunday, 4/19

    Follow the Directions – If you want your finished project to look the way it does on the

    box, you had better follow the direction. Kids will learn that in our lives we need to follow

    God’s direction.  1 Kings 17:7-24, Elijah and the Widow

    Sunday, 4/26

    Put the Pieces Together – When you get to building, the pieces just start to fall into

    place. Kids will learn that when they give everything to God, he makes all things work

    together perfectly.  Judges 7:1-22, Gideon’s Army

    Sunday, 5/3

    Finish the Build – Once you get started, you’ll want to keep building until you’re done.

    Kids will learn that we need to keep walking with God until the end.  Genesis 6:9-7:5,

    Noah’s Ark

    Sunday, 5/10

    Make Something New – Once you’ve finished working on one piece, you immediately want to get started on making something new. Kids will learn that God is always work-

    ing in our lives, making us new.  Genesis 28:10-22, Jacob’s Dream of a Staircase

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