In hopes to better serve you, and support you as faith leaders at home; below are some summer Xtreme Kids lessons for you and your family.  The lesson materials are provided via a link to a shared Google Drive in which you can view online, download, and/or print at home. 

  • 8-week Summer SERIES

    Memory Verse: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23

    Road Trip - The most common phrase uttered on a road trip (after “I need the potty!”) is “Are we there yet?” How many good times are spoiled by grumbling and complaining?

    Instead of whining, we need to learn to trust God and enjoy the ride.

    The Beach - Where does everyone race to in the summer? To the beach, where the

    sand is warm, the water is refreshing, and the sun is bright. Peter made a mad dash for

    the beach too - when he saw Jesus on the beach from his boat. There is nothing and

    no one more precious than Jesus, and we need to be just as eager to embrace him.

    Play Outside - Are you an indoor kid, or an outdoor kid? More & more kids would

    rather play video games than get outside. Sadly, more and more Christians are the

    same way. We’d rather stay inside the church than get out and share Christ with others.  Jesus gave us a command to go and preach the gospel. We can do that through service, through evangelism, and through mission trips.

    Summer School - For most kids, the last place they want to be in the summer is

    school. But sometimes summer school offers a great chance to get ahead, catch up,

    and build on our future. Jesus had a great passion for learning as a child, as evidenced

    when his parents found him with the teachers in the temple. His example gives us a

    challenge to learn the word of God so we can prepare for our future.

    Museum - Museums are filled with reminders of the past. They teach us about who

    came before. They teach us about what the world was once like. They teach us about

    the mistakes and sins of the past as well. All of us have museums in our heads, remind-

    ers of our past mistakes. We can either let them fill us with remorse or help us to reject sin.

    Summer Camp - One of the fun things about summer camp is meeting people with

    whom you have something in common. At basketball camp, you meet other basketball

    players. At Space Camp, you get to meet other space enthusiasts. Our church groups

    are made of a variety of people, but we have one thing that unites us: Jesus. Christian

    friends can encourage us in our faith, pick us up when we’re down, and stand with us

    when we need courage.

    The Fair - Is there any place full of more strange, unusual, and odd people than the county/state fair? But, what we need to see is that every one of them is someone spe-

    cial to God! They are God’s children, and we need to open our hearts to sharing his love with all of them.

    The Pool - There’s nothing more refreshing than a dip in the pool. When it’s hot out-

    side, being in the water is the best feeling in the world. It’s no wonder the Bible so often

    uses water as a symbol for the Holy Spirit and God cleansing us from sin. God wants to

    wash all our sins away and make us like new.

  • coming In September - The Year Long Bible Journey

    Starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation, kids will spend the entire year learning all about God, his people, and His Son, Jesus, through a variety of fun skits, games, and crafts. This Year-Long Bible Journey will be a great way for families to learn together about who God is and what His commands for us are. 

  • Right Now Media

    Trinity has a shared membership to RightNow Media, an online library containing more than 2,000 wholesome, educational, and entertaining videos.  To gain your free access to RightNow Media you will need to be given an individual login. 

    Please email Pastor Todd and type: RightNow Media Access Request in the subject line. Pastor Todd will add your email to the account and you will receive confirmation with login instructions.