Get connected in Small Groups!

Trinity is a big place and it's easy to get lost. Being connected in a SMALL GROUP is not only a great place to get to know a few people, but we believe it is a key place where you can grow in your spiritual walk! 

Trinity's Small Groups and Bible Studies exist to help people grow, connect, and serve.

As we meet together in groups over time, Trinity Groups become an incredible place for us to experience the fullness of the Christian life and Church, and they provide the best environment we have to help people Grow Spiritually, Connect Relationally, and Serve Intentionally.

Our Groups provide a space for people to Grow Spiritually, a place to not only learn about God but to be transformed by Him, to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ, understanding the truths of Scripture and how they shape our daily life.

They also provide a space for people to Connect Relationally, a place to be real about who we are, and to be accepted by others. Groups provide a space for authentic relationships to be nurtured, to find friendship, support, encouragement, and belonging that we all hunger for.

Finally, they provide a space for people to Serve Intentionally, a place to be cared for and to care for others. One of the greatest challenges in a church of more than 200 members is that pastoral care must be done by more than just pastors, it takes a community of people to care for each other, to be on the frontline of one another’s’ life, there for the joys, sorrows, and everything in between. 

Additionally, these groups are the most agile collection of people able to serve our community, mobilizing the passion and cares of the group to serve the needs of others timely, personally, and effectively. If you're ready to join a group, please contact Pastor Todd for more details.


If you'd like more information, please contact Pastor Todd.