What is the goal? That every day between now and Ash Wednesday (Feb 26th), (bout 50 days), at least one pair of brothers and sisters in Christ, one from each campus, (they may not even know each other) will be praying for their church. 

Reasoning-- The reasoning is spiritual. It is born out of financial need and an acknowledgment that God must do a powerful thing in our church and in our hearts. We hope the praying together increases fellowship between the campuses, increases our love for Trinity, and trains us to see the church in spiritual eyes and to ask for the Spirit's power to guide and encourage us. 

Who-- Everyone! Not everyone was able to step up financially in our giving challenges, but all of us can step up for this 50 Day Prayer Project. We are filling out the sign-up sheets as individuals or as households. However, putting two individuals together is easier than arranging two households to come together. But you are certainly free to sign up as a household or marriage-- but please understand it is for the purpose of praying with another. 

What is expected of me? -- You will be asked to pray on only one date (emphasize that. They are not committing to pray for all Tuesdays in the morning, for example, if that is what they marked) and in a time slot that you are generally available. When you meet with the other person to whom you've been paired, then we hope you spend some time getting to know each other a little (how long have you lived in Hudson? How long as a member? etc). And then spend some time in prayer together. You can discuss if you are pressed for time or not. Your prayers can be silent or verbal. The prayers can be general or specific. A prayer guide, with Scripture included, will be sent to you to help facilitate the prayer time. Think of 10 minutes of getting to know each other and 10 minutes of praying. It can go shorter or longer. Don't get too worried about this. You are both siblings in Christ and you both love your church. It can't go wrong. 

After I sign up then what? -- The two pastors will meet today or tomorrow and pair the names from both campuses and then email you with your partner's contact information. At that point, it is up to both of you to figure out the time and place (let's meet at Hudson Bagel at 10 am). When that email is sent, a basic prayer guide will be sent to you to help facilitate your time together.