Trinity's church governance

Here at Trinity, we have four key leadership teams; each with a different purpose and under which the other ministries fall.


Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is the overarching leadership team of the church. This team will focus on vision and the programs of our church, working with the pastors and staff to assist with yearly plans and then making sure those plans are accomplished. It will be Christ-led and Spirit-driven, emphasizing prayer and Bible study in discussions and decision making


(The other three teams are co-equal, meaning they work in close partnership as a group, in conjunction with the Board of Directors.)


Finance Team: The Finance Team's main focus is being good stewards of Trinity’s finances. This team will handle all of the financial aspects of our congregation. They will work hand in hand with our Parish Administrator to set the yearly budget, make sure that the budget is followed, and perform repairs and maintenance to our facilities. This team works closest to the Board of Directors.


Staff Team: The Staff Team, led by the Senior Pastor, provides key equipping leadership to the other teams. Working with servants and other staff, these Directors, Associates, and Assistants are accountable for carrying out the mission and vision-culture of our ministry on a day-to-day basis. This team works closest to the Discipleship Team.


Discipleship Team: The Discipleship Team, led by the Pastoral office or designee, works with the Staff Team to prioritize and support discipleship in our church.

Discipleship, broadly defined, is growing in faith through Biblically-based preaching, teaching, and ministry involvement. More narrowly defined, discipleship is ministry- multiplication; encouraging a culture of training “replacements” for outreach and growth.

Please click here for a copy of Trinity's constitution.