2018 Annual Report


I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how thankful I am for you and all that you do for the Lord and for Trinity. 2018 was a year of wonderful challenge and opportunity as we welcomed new staff and really took seriously the effort to grow and build on our firm foundation in Jesus in our Academy and Church.  Now, we move into 2019 under the banner of our Vision-Culture of Connecting, Growing, and Serving the world together.  

The next few pages serve as a reminder of what God is doing in and through our church. As you see the numbers, remember that they translate into changed lives. Thank you for your generosity and partnership as our campuses and ministries unite and work in harmony under our calling to reach the world for Jesus, one life at a time.


Todd Stocker

Senior Pastor

(Financial Report 2018)


OUR MISSION is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

OUR VISION is to create a culture through which more people connect to God and others, grow together in life and faith and serve the world here and beyond.

CONNECTING ...                                   

We connect to God because he drew us to himself through Jesus. We connect with others because life is better together. Through consistent worship and gathering, we intentionally build meaningful relationships first with God through Jesus and then with others.

"I feel very much at home here!" - Adam, East Campus Attender


Average Weekly Attendance

West Campus                                 159

East Campus                                  288

Christmas                                     1215

Easter                                           1066

Online Attenders                              81




Men's and Women's Events

Men's Breakfast                               54

Women's Tea                                   70

                                           ... Growing

We grow together in life and faith because God intends for us to encourage and inspire each other. In doing so, we apply we what we learn together so that we can grow in our walk with Jesus.

"I love learning more and more about God and Jesus!" - Trinity Academy Student


Children and Student Ministries

Xtreme Kids                                    135

The Cross Youth Ministry                80

Vacation Bible School                       83


Students Took A Faith Step

First Communion                             28

Confirmation                                    26


People involved in adult small group bible studies

Serving ...                                             

We serve the world because Jesus served us first. With an attitude of humility, we share our time, talents, and treasures with others from across the world and in our own backyard so that we can invite all people to know Jesus and to consider his love and grace.

"We helped a woman have a bed to sleep on this past week.  That's what this is all about!" 

- Joe, We Do Feet Team


"We Do Feet" Connections

Families Served                              413

Pieces Selected                            1027

Beds                                                281

Delivery                                           139

Pieces Delivered                             392

Pickups                                           272

Furniture Donations                       903

Phone Calls                                  2444


Weekly Serving Team Members

(Sunday worship support, student ministries teachers, Music ministry, etc.)


Quilts Created and Donated

High School Graduates                   24

Grace Place                                      13

Turning Point                                   14

We Do Feet                                         6


Mission Trip Participants

Traveling to Houston, North Carolina, and South Dakota